Without casino software developers in the picture, the online gaming industry would be nowhere close to where it is today. These developers took what was mainly land-based and transformed it into an online operation that rakes in tons of revenue from across the globe. These companies have not only made online gaming possible, but they also continue to make it better through the use of features such as 3D gaming and maximum immersion. Want to know which companies are leading when it comes to this regard? Read on:

NetEnt Casino Software

NetEnt Casino Software

When it comes to the companies that are making online gaming a tremendous success, this is one of the developers with a massive piece of the pie. Take an example of 2014 when the industry was yet to become what it is now. The company processed over twenty-one billion gaming transactions. At the time, no other provider had done the same, and they thus set high standards in the industry.

At present, they comprise more than seven hundred talents spread across the globe and these numbers increase by the day. Many huge betting companies rely on their software with examples like Mr. Green, 888casino, Neogames, Betfair and Bwin making up part of the clientele, which is in the ranges of hundreds.

As for game variety, the company boasts of over two hundred games, each with its unique features. Games such as Starburst and The Invisible Man are part of its repertoire. Since it made the news in 2014, it has fast risen to be among the best software providers in the market, winning numerous awards in the process.


Playtech Casino Software

This company came to be two decades ago and during that time; it has risen in the ranks to become one of the favorite software developers regarding the gaming industry. The thing that users love about it is the use of fully scalable features that make efficiency much easier. They provide gaming solutions to a variety of players in the industry from sports betting companies all the way to live casino options.

If a company is looking for a fully-integrated solution to standalone applications as well as software systems, this is the provider to contact. Other than this, it also offers social games which have provisions for various languages and jurisdictions, thus making them versatile. You should note that this software provider currently ranks top regarding online gaming companies with a current market capitalization of £2.94 billion.

This company is quite serious as to regulations and only operates in regions where its operations are legal. It presently has dealings with companies such as iPoker and AAMS. As for game variety, you will be happy to know that it offers more than six hundred options, with at least fifty more coming into the market each year. In this way, its users have a guarantee that they will have access to more features as time goes by, ranging from fixed odds games to card games.


Dragonfish Casino Software

This provider is relatively new in the market when compared to the two above, as it came to be in 2007. However, its late entry has not been a hindrance to its growth as it has fast risen to the top ranks. It came into the market as a means of assisting 888 regarding business to business software development. In so doing, it not only enables the site to grow but also ensures that the technology in place is innovative and thus competitive.

It is under the ownership of 888. Frequent gamers will recognize the company as the one behind poker, sport, casino, and bingo betting on sites bearing the same name. However, Dragonfish is an independent company with a full license and the necessary certification to operate across various jurisdictions.

Benefits of this software include the provision of excellent customer service, interactive gaming experiences and a variety of games. At present, the provider boasts of at least one hundred casino games which users can play on their mobiles as well as more than three hundred exclusive games, thanks to 888. Users can enjoy multiple competitions as they take advantage of features such as free spins, bonuses, and cashback options.

Other great names in casino software development include Novomatic, Evolution Gaming, and Pioneer. All these players have added a special touch to the industry, and they have a lot in store for users in the future.

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