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Have you ever wondered what makes one a PC game developer as opposed to another kind of developer? Well, it all comes down to a few things. For one, the games that they release work on PCs where they fully function and look better than on other platforms. Secondly, the games can be exclusive to the PC if the developer wishes. Or they can opt to release a console version at the same time that the PC game gets released. This scenario is unlike the cases where developers release a fantastic console game only for them to release a PC version a few years later, and in most cases, the latter option does not live up to the former’s standards, which can be frustrating.

Lastly, the games have a PC feel to them and playing them on the platform comes easy. Thus, begs the question, which developer qualifies as a PC game developer and who tops the rankings? Here are some of the best options on the market. Kindly note that there is no order in play and that the rankings are according to the uniqueness in the games offered by the various parties.

Looking Glass Studios

Looking Glass Studios - pc games developers

The thing about this company is that it found ways to bring innovative stuff into the market. Take an example of System Shock. Many users agree that this game was quite ahead of its time. The company used the Ultima Underworld engine in its creation, and as a result, the aesthetics were not much to write home about, even for the era in which it came into being. However, regarding the technology in place as well as the technology in use, this game was quite impressive. At the time of its release, Doom was also on the market. The difference between the two was that Doom was simple and for people who were in the market for something manageable, it was a suitable choice. However, for the people who were willing to take on a challenge, System Shock, as well as its sequel, was the best option.

Then came ‘Thief: The Dark Project’ and everything fell into place. Instead of arming the player with guns which is often the preferred choice in adventure games, this PC game took a different turn by bringing bows, arrows, and swords into the picture. If you were stealthy, you were in for a lot of rewards, and that made the game quite famous in gaming forums. Though the company eventually shut its doors, its legacy lives on as many companies have embraced and adopted the series that they already had running.

GSC Game World

>GSC Game World - pc games developers

When news broke out that this company may be leaving the industry, many players were in shock, especially those who are ardent fans of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Many people speculated that the reason for the slowdown owed to the lack of more PC titles as the Ukrainian developer heavily relied on the title mentioned above. There was also a problem when the developer called for an internet connection for players to access the game, though this did not come to be. However, none of these issues can lead to downplaying how impressive the developer is at what they do. And luckily for fans of the company, there are many spiritual successors of the games, including Metro 2033. The future is bright as many companies are willing to carry the torch of this famed developer.


Bethesda - pc games developers

People knew little about this developer before the development of The Elder Scrolls. From its release moving forward, the term Bethesda became a household name as more and more people developed an interest in this favorite game. These titles were initially available on the PC, but they have since become available as freeware. Though you can now play the titles on consoles if you wish, one thing remains true, and that is that RPGs are way more enjoyable on PC than they are on other platforms. Think about going through inventories and dragging items and how easy it is to accomplish this when using a PC as compared to a console. Other fantastic games from this developer include but are not limited to Wasteland, Fallout, New Vegas and Fallout 3.

These games developers ensure(d) that players get the most of their games by giving them a real feel of PC gameplay. Thus, they deserve recognition for their impressive achievements.

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