Would you like to study a programming language but can’t quite make up your mind on what’s the best option for you? Well, this guide is sure to come in handy. It not only features what’s hot at the moment, but it also considers what the future will be and whether the language will be significant then. The ranking also recognizes tendencies in the market and takes into account statistical data on the same from valid sources. Thus, the information contained therein should help you figure out what would work for you.

Say for example you want to get the language that is best for your career as a programmer; you should consider things such as demand in the future, the salary range and the job opportunities as to the same. Also, the ease of learning the language is of importance as you want something that you can enjoy doing. The ranking considers all these things and should thus be of much help. Here it goes:


The JavaScript language is among the best to learn

According to a survey by StackOverflow, a popular community for developers, this language is among the best to learn. More than sixty percent of the respondents stated that they used it. Its popularity is visible within the last decade, and one may wonder why this is so. It is quite dominant in the industry, and you will notice that there are many web-enabled devices. Thus, there is a belief that if a developer can write an application using this language, there will be an inclination to do so. With that in mind, programmers learning this language can look forward to numerous opportunities in the future.

This language works great for someone who likes seeing results as they work, thanks to its interactive nature. You should note though that pursuing this language is ideal for someone who is comfortable working with CSS and HTML as this is what you would find on web pages.


C++ is an essential skill.

This language first came into the market in 1985, and it features high flexibility and efficiency. Its popularity owes to its high performance and reliability. Many systems run on this language including but not limited to Oracle, PayPal, and Microsoft, amongst others. Pursuing a career in this line may prove complicated, but it will have you appreciating how languages work and will thus be beneficial in the future as your skills will be quite marketable.


Programmers love Python because of its versatility

Programmers love this language because of its versatility. It works on almost anything from network servers to media tools to web applications. Big players in the market such as Google and NASA frequently use it. Interestingly, the man behind the language, Guido van Rossum, worked in Google for about eight years where his main task was writing in this language. Pros of this language include readability, neatness, and a well-defined structure. You might think that all these features add to aesthetics, but they do more than that as they ultimately influence the execution of codes.

For beginners as well as people considering a stable career in development, this is a great way to go. You’ll have an easy time reading, understanding and writing this language, despite its high-level ranking.


Swift is for anyone thinking about delving into mobile development

This language has not been in the industry for a long time. Apple released it back in 2014 as a means to develop native iOS or macOS applications. The reason behind its invention was the need for a better performing language as compared to Objective-C. It showed improvement in both performance and usability. In 2017, this language ranked fourth amongst the favored choices, thus indicating that anyone pursuing it as a career choice would have many opportunities to use it at present and in the future.

For anyone thinking about delving into mobile development, this is an excellent language to consider as people in this field get highly paid. Statistics show that iOS apps net in much more as compared to Android apps and if you are looking to reap huge benefits in the future, you will not go wrong with this option.


Java is essential for Android development

With over eighty percent of Fortune 500 companies stating that they frequently use this language, one would argue that it qualifies as one of the most popular of its kind. It uses the slogan ‘write once, run anywhere’ that continues to impress developers across the globe. You should note that it is no longer as trendy as it was in the past, but there is no denying that a career path in this lane is sure to have you raking in good income in the future. The good thing about it is that the opportunities are available both in cities and remote areas, something which does not hold when it comes to the other languages. For this reason, if you would like a career as a developer (backend, Android, big data) or a system engineer, this choice will get you there.

One of these five languages is sure to catch your eye. Which one will it be?

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